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Our Focus is on You.

Were you a fighter pilot or a teacher? Have you recently discovered a new passion? Maybe you bake the world’s best chocolate chip cookies (we hope so). Whoever you are, we want to know you and your family.

Beyond daily care and services, we anticipate your needs and desires – from creating fun-filled social experiences to knowing the ideal time to curl up alone with a good book in our garden.

“We’ve never understood the industry’s insistence to build beautiful environments, then fail to truly operationalize them – they’re full of forced group activities that very few people actually enjoy. We don’t deteriorate as we age. If anything, our intellect, sense of humor, and desire to engage with family and our communities are only enhanced. Shepherd Living honors that – creating spaces that are, quite simply, joyful, care-free versions of life as it has always been.”

–Naveen Trehan, co-Founder and Chairman, Shepherd Health

Let’s face it.
You need healthcare.

Why travel when the therapy and rehabilitation services you need can be on-site? At Shepherd, we incorporate exceptional healthcare offerings into each of our communities. And because the providers are on-site, they know your physical and dietary preferences. Most importantly, they know you.

What good is living longer if you’re not living well?

We cater to those seeking
a rich, fulfilling experience.

  • Tranquil & Indulgent Spa

  • Fully-outfitted Gym

  • Farm-to-Table Cuisine

  • Fine Wine Storage

  • Full-service Salon

  • Tavern with Beer, Wine, and Spirits

  • Greenhouses & Gardening

  • Wellness Classes

  • Plunge Pool

  • Large Porches

  • Tree Bosque & Fire Pit

  • Putting Green & Games

World class spa. Local charm.

At Shepherd, we welcome the broader 55+ community to our spa and wellness center, featuring both traditional and Ayurvedic massage. Shepherd’s unique thermal experience includes a Laconium room, thermal pool and heated loungers, and a traditional Finnish sauna. Group classes and private instruction are available 7-days a week.

We set ourselves apart from the pack with cutting edge technology.

For our residents and their families, that means visibility and peace of mind – the ability to see exactly how Mom and Dad are doing today.

  • Social engagement / Alleviation of loneliness

  • Voice-driven interations

  • Integration of social and health data

  • Electronic health and wellness records

We begin our interactions in homes throughout our communities.  Simple, daily check-ins through our senior apps are combined with monthly visits from Shepherd caregivers. The later transition to making our Shepherd community home is an easy one, with the same caregivers our residents have come to know and trust.

“Our communities are state of the art, harmonizing technology and wellness in a way never seen before. The best tech is seamless – it should anticipate your desires and enhance your experiences.”

–Christine Menedis, co-Founder and CEO, Shepherd Health

At Shepherd, we embrace our namesake.

Pets make humans feel good. It’s that simple. For the elderly, the results are even more astounding: lower cholesterol levels, less depression, and potential protection against heart disease and stroke.

In particular, pet therapy is a proven, powerful tool for those residents with Sundowners Syndrome – evening periods of increased agitation and confusion in those with Alzheimer’s. A dog’s non-verbal communication and acceptance is soothing for those experiencing difficulties with their own communication skills. Even severely affected residents display better cognitive stimulation, improved appetite, and more social behavior when with pets. It’s yet another way that Shepherd delivers happiness.

Daily smiles are guaranteed with housemates like these!

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